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We are web application developers with deep experience working on enterprise systems in many domains including healthcare, voter registration, media intelligence, transportation logistics, customer relationship management systems and social network monitoring.

We are committed to developing with open tools and technology stacks using agile methodologies. For customers who require it, we also provide devops support on cloud-based hosting providers.


Job Openings

Position: Java Developer

Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and/or Software Engineering or foreign equivalent plus at least 1 year of web application development experience.

Special Requirements: Experience with Strong object-oriented analysis and design skills; Experience with Inversion of Control framework (Spring) is a plus; Strong database development skills and Java database technologies; XML concepts; Knowledge of SQL and database schema design is required; Real world experience building fault tolerant, scalable infrastructure software or distributed systems using Amazon AWS; Experience with HIPAA requirements; Experience with Ruby and Java development for a company with HIPAA requirements.

Job Duties: Write readable, maintainable and efficient codes; Join an agile development team using Scrum and Sprint processes; Work with RESTful APIs on various web services; Break down business processes in a typical enterprise solution into necessary application components; Work on advanced web user-interface design and framework; Perform test-driven development and behavior driven development.

Salary: $55,328/year

Contact: To apply, please email your resume to mhowe[at] and include the job title in the subject line.